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Rites of Lilith, 1945, Mark Rothko. Professional Artist is the foremost business magazine for visual artists. Visit

“Tragedy, Ecstasy and Doom” – The Paintings Of Mark Rothko

Mark Rothko - intense black and complicated blue

Mark Rothko | copper Brown and orange/yellow/red abstract is sophisticated and subtle #11, 1950 ... (2016/03/17)

Mark Rothko. His paintings have really got to be seen to be fully appreciated. Seeing them fills me with a special kind of reverie.

Mark Rothko ~ "White Center" 1950 I like the use of warm and bright colors in this piece and i love the contrast of the white center with the black line above it to the rest of the painting.

mark rothko, no 37 (red) I love how he numbered all his great pieces. Xxxxxx

"Mark Rothko evokes an experience, however, rather than illustrating one, relying on color, form and scale to move viewers to contemplate the elusive and the spiritual.”