Take advantage of local help to learn how to get your outdoor space up to par. Home Depot has free DIY classes (coming soon - landscaping & creating a beverage stand). I called my local store for more info...it's a teaching class with some hands on then I go home and make it. But if the class is small enough, I can actually take home what we made. Bonus! Check your local store for more info (don't forget to change to your location)!

If you want to separate your outdoor space from your driveway or a street but you want to maintain accessibility, consider a gated arbor. These homeowners opted for a shorter, curved-top gate to create separation without blocking views. A mix of bright whites and cool grays give the space an elegant and sophisticated look.

small contemporany garden by olivebay. really like this, espceilly the screening of the shed, pathway and seating area

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