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Hephaestus (Greek): The god of volcanoes & fire - the blacksmith's fire, patron to all craftsmen working with metals. Known as the lame god: conceived only by his mother Hera, he was born weak & crippled to be thrown from Mt. Olympus by his thought to be father Zeus. Aphrodite was his wife.  Known for making Zeus's thunderbolts & sceptre, Athena's shield, arrows for Eros, Helios's chariot, the invincible armour for Achilles & for forming the first woman out of clay who's name was Pandora.

Hephaestus by ~DrawingForMonkeys on deviantART - I like the look of him standing in lava, pouring down off his limbs (we could use this on just his outstretched arms and hands).

You will receive a print of my original oil painting Will of Athena depicting the two Greek Gods of war, Athena the wise and Ares the violent. Here

Athena Goddess Ares God of War Oil Painting Print Fantasy Art Greek Mythology

Zeus and Thor by ryomablood  Accessed 28/12/2014

Mythology - Ares had a miserable childhood. The only son of the mighty Zeus, ruler of the Olympians, and his wife Hera, Ares was disliked by his father from the moment he was born and was barely tolerated from then on.