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L is not dead. There must be a complicated batman-ish way to get him back. Please

Oh my gosh you guys I just realized that when Melody asked who River is, the Doctor says "Spoilers" because he's remembering all those other times he met River, but that's the first time she meets him, so all those times she says "spoilers" she's quoting him, and all those times he says "spoilers" he's quoting her!!!! <-- Mind. Blown.

It's a complicated world. People have a hard time finding each other and when they do ... they're scared to take the risk.

There is a degree of difficulty dealing with everyone no matter who they are. It depends on the person who is doing the dealing as to how difficult it actually is.

Although, I worry over everything, I love this! <3

from Polyvore

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Just don't be mean it's not that complicated