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What is this tbh but I love it

I may be an idiot but im not stupid funny disney tv show tv series icarly funny tv show spencer

Canadian fat cakes lol

Sam Puckett on the subject of Canadian Fat Cakes "Mama knows her fat cakes"


Rule Rory Williams > Chuck Norris I must agree. Chuck Norris never waited outside of a box for years<<< lol yes Rory beats Chuck Norris every time

FANDOM  Barney is the fan who insists on complete silence and purity in the fandom. Feels should not get in the way.  Ted is the fan who is too emotionally invested in his ship and screams whenever they are on-screen.  Lily is the fan who cries about everything that happens— even when it’s not the least bit emotional.  And Marshall is the hate-watcher who is horrified with the whole fandom but can’t stop watching.

During Captain Swan kiss << no no no captain swan is way too calm it involves me falling and rolling on the floor fangirling, crying tears of happiness

the other queen

meeting the queen. Wallpaper and background photos of meeting the queen for fans of One Direction images.