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This quick turnaround happens on the street, too. It's one of the why street harassment is frightening - the switch from "hey, baby!" to "stupid bitch I'll punch you" can happen in seconds.

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10 Most Famous Wonders of The World

Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio is the most incredible thing I have ever seen

This is so true.I was in a major car accident about 5 years ago.Before the accident I was always an go go go type of person.I really never thought about anybody else or what I might be missing.Now I am disabled and I look at life in a different perspective.I have found God and Jesus Christ as my savior.I love to help people in any way I can.Yes I live with pain everyday but now I know what I have been missing.I have forgiven the drunk driver and I thank God for changing my life.Life is…

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Gluten Free Christmas Cookies with Stained Glass

Simply gorgeous Gluten Free Christmas Cookies with Stained Glass. You can can make these with your kids, they are SO easy!

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Why is there a need to keep the history of the Black Madonna secret? Medieval depictions of Black Madonna, a.k.a. The Virgin Mary.

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It’s a girl thing (27 photos)

Nah, I'ma get married and stay that way, in Jesus name, hallelu *praise dance*

That's very important to remember when preaching to others. We don't hate the person, just the sin.