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DNA analysis reignites fierce debate over fate of 9,000-year-old skeleton

DNA analysis reignites fierce debate over fate of 9,000-year-old skeleton. Genome sequencing indicates Kennewick Man is Native American, reopening the bitter battle over whether he should be reburied or studied.

Was 1610 the beginning of a new human epoch?

Was 1610 the beginning of a new human epoch? A new study finds the year to be a key point for the Anthropocene – marking the irreversible transfer of crops and species between the old and new worlds

The 5,800-Year-Old Remains of a Man and Woman Buried in an Embrace Have Been Uncovered in a Greek Cave

In 2014 the 5,800-year-old remains of a male and a female skeleton were discovered, locked in an embrace, in a cave in Southern Greece. The pair were uncovered in the Alepotrypa Cave, which served ...

Half of Americans Think Climate Change Is a Sign of the Apocalypse

How snakes lost a blueprint for making limbs. When researchers inserted the snake DNA into mice, the animals developed truncated limbs, suggesting that a critical stretch of DNA lost its ability to support limb growth during snake evolution. Snakes lost their limbs over 100 million years ago, but scientists have struggled to identify the genetic changes involved.

Ancient rice DNA data provides new view of domestication history. Now, using new data collected samples of ancient, carbonized rice, a team of Japanese and Chinese scientists have successfully determined DNA sequences to make the first comparisons between modern and ancient rice. To do so, they used new techniques to carefully cull chloroplast DNA from ancient rice 900-2,800-years-old, which had been excavated from seven archaeological sites in Japan and Korea. They have new findings…

Fossil Ink Sacs Yield Jurassic Pigment—A First

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How Viruses Infiltrated Our DNA and Supercharged Our Immune System

Researchers discover female genital bacteria that makes them more susceptible to What does this mean for healthy women? @medicalxpress, people living with HIV, right to health, human rights, HIV criminalization, people who use drugs, sex workers, MSM

Read the Lawrence Krauss letter the WSJ wouldn’t run about its ‘science proves religion’ story