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<p>Wings Anyone Ken‘s best buddy, Tony the sailor man, came to visit for the holidays and had to have chicken wings to go with lots of football viewing. Ken found some new extra zippy sauces he loves and Patti wanted more of a mustard based sauce. Patti bought 5lbs. of …</p>

Smoked Orange Peel Chicken We’ve already started thinking about holiday recipes. This moist, tender whole chicken was easy with only three ingredients and lots of flavor. Ken spatchcocked the chicken to grill it faster and Patti made a glaze better than our local Chinese restaurant.

Grandville’s Duck Smoked then Grilled to Perfection. The first thing you think is that ducks are like chicken, cooked the same. Wrong! They are nothing like a chicken. Duck has a thick layer of very greasy fat covering the breast that needs some attention so that you don’t end up with “Greasy Duck”. Unlike a chicken it is all dark meat, so it takes longer to cook. The way to do this is by slow roasting the duck on a grill or smoker.