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The child’s education is one of the best and pivotal things the parents consider in today’s era. The parents strive to enroll their children in one of the best CBSE schools in Gurgaon for providing a valuable asset to their children’s life. One of the primary reasons to seek these schools is that they offer the best and quality education to the students.

Teaching and Learning Leaders

Dylan Wiliam's quote has become totemic for many teachers and school leaders as a driver for good quality CPD, and I am no exception. So much so, that we are reorganising our approach to CPD across...

Encouraging children to embrace a challenge

Encouraging children to embrace a challenge without being stressed or anxious about it is really important. helping them to strive and reach can be a good thing if we embrace some positive parenting values and keep it light come and have a read about these key area in child development and wellbeing at Emotionally Healthy Kids

Message in a bottle - a poignant note placed in a holy water bottle which was thrown overboard by a Titanic victim whilst the ship was sinking has been donated by his family to a heritage centre in Cork. Jeremiah Burke threw the bottle overboard and it was found a year later not far from his family home.

How to make stick letter outdoor art: Add character to your garden with this quirky, earthy outdoor artwork #diy #gardenart

Apps For Sensory Processing Disorder

Do you a child dealing with SPD or Sensory Integration Disorder? These apps can be a useful part of at home therapy, used in a group or classroom setting, or by an OT. The special needs learners in your life, from kids to adults, will benefit from these Sensory Processing Disorder Apps.

Strive to give your children more encouraging words than praise words. Encourage your kids for their efforts and attitudes. Children who receive more encouragement over parise are more resilient. Because they are focused on their effort and believe they can change their circumstances through determination or learning, they are not as shaken by adversity.