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John couldn't decide what to wear - country, formal, or sporty...

John couldn't decide what to wear - country, formal, or sporty.

10: If a person blinks less than 2 times a minute is a sign of nerves, possibly from lying or from anti-social habits.

it's only bc we know better>>>or they have spent a great amount of time staring at a computer screen<<<Or because they're Whovians

Weird and Wonderful | Doctor Who TV

Regeneration -- Doctor Who by MrBorsch/// this did not look like what it actually looks like when I first looked at it. It looked like some hooded robe wearing creature from some video game.

(RP be the boy please his name is David) "I'm not wearing that." I tell Bre looking at the red dress. "You are." Was all she said. A moment later I'm staring at the bathroom mirror wearing the dress and makeup. I gave a sigh it was all part of the plan David and I would go to the party as guests while Bre and Stephen ransack the office looking for evidence. "You look nice..." I jump turning around to look at David he had a tux and most of his cuts have been cleaned up. "Shut up Iets go." I…

Cherry Red Rockabilly Dress Pin Up VALENTINES by MoonbootStudios. I have a dress like this but it's balk with a flower print.

Tilda Swinton as Inspiration for #Casadei #Fluid Collection.

Red Hair, I Care

womaninterrupted: “notnadia: “dansmonunivers: “Tilda Swinton like david Bowie by Craig Mcdean for Vogue italia C’est super androgine ! ” things I have been thinking about: recapturing my Scully red.

I say it less often....but the grief is still just as intense.

My dearest Robbie, I'll love you forever and forget you never /

My Dad is my Angel

My Son is my Angel "Tommy WAyne" xoxo Mama loves YOU to moon and back!