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Briam (Greek potato and courgette bake)

Spot on, hahaha. I waded through a flood once to get to class! My husband would take the shortcut across town by riding his bike along the railway tracks! What were our parents thinking!?

Need a relaxing getaway? This island hopping tour from Dubrovnik is everything you need to kick back and enjoy the beautiful Croatian weather!

Surreal Artifacts of Life Encased in Magical Light Bulbs

Inspirational quotes: Wise words from famous women

Mother Theresa. Inspirational quotes: Wise words from famous women. We love history at Renaissance Fine Jewelry. Celebrate all life's moments at We treasure the knowledge we gain from the gift of historical legends.

19 Oct 1979, Calcutta, India --- Mother Teresa with children from the orphanage she operated in Calcutta. Mother Teresa (Agnes Gonxha Boyaxihu) the Roman Catholic, Albanian nun revered as India's 'Saint of the Slums', was awarded the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize. --- Image by © Kapoor Baldev/Sygma/CORBIS. *To find out how to sponsor a disadvantaged child's education in India, please go to:

Russia The Itelmen are the original settlers of the Kamchatka Peninsula which is opposite Alaska. You may therefore notice similar ethnicity to the First Nation peoples. @

Daily Inspiration (The Hankful House)

#inspiringquotes Mother Teresa She did all of this and much more! Oh how I love Mother Teresa! #inspirational