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You are the creator of your experience because you're the teller of your story. And you can tell your story because of what you are observing, or you can tell your story because of what you desire. Abraham-Hicks Quotes (AHQ3039) #telling new story

Interview preparation – Emotional Mastery You can prepare for an interview as much as you like, however if you are feeling emotional the interview will go how you feel on the day. This most is about understanding your emotions so you have come out of the interview with a starting date

from Memoirs of a RENEGADE


Ausar (Osiris)-This is in correlation with the first sphere on the Tree of Life, and is the second highest manifested being. Ausar is man's Self. The Self is the unconditioned state, meaning that all conditional factors (emotions, preferences, desires, and imperfections) can no longer hinder the individual. Once these factors are removed, the individual can experience their higher faculties which are omniscience, omnipotence, and unconditional being.