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Ramp Stands

Homemade Ramp Stands

Ramp Stands - Homemade ramp stands constructed from square tubing, sheemetal, and steel rods.

Poor Man's Qwik Lift for $250.00 (look!) - Club Cobra

So you've just spent some of your last dimes on obtaining a Cobra or getting it road worthy. Boy, wouldn't it be nice to have one of those Qwik Lift-ty

Another Day Another Project: Building My Car Ramp

Update: It was brought to my attention (thanks Richard) that there were some discrepancies in my measurements. The correct steel dimensions.

Automotive Service Ramps

Certainly not the cheapest, lightest or most compact of ramps, but I just wasn't satisfied with the options at the local car parts stores or farm supply center.

Parte final rampa taller

Car service ramps - The Garage Journal Board

Car lift/ramps - the simple unique patented MR1s for DIY mechanics

Car lift/ramps - the simple unique patented for DIY mechanics