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The Twilight Zone and Rod Serling. Great stories by Rod Serling and other amazing writers.

Twilight Zone ‘The Eye of the Beholder’...Great episode Some mornings this is what I expect to find staring back at me in the mirror, before I put all the mussed up bits back in place.

Burgess Meredith on the post-nuclear set of “Time Enough to Last” (1959) “The best laid plans of mice and men and Henry Bemis, the small man in the glasses who wanted nothing but time. Henry Bemis, now just a part of a smashed landscape, just a piece of the rubble, just a fragment of what man has deeded to himself. Mr. Henry Bemis, in the Twilight Zone.” -Rod Serling, “Time Enough at Last”, The Twilight Zone

50 objetos de decoração que são o sonho de todo geek

Que a força esteja com você para aguentar ver toda essa lista sem querer comprar tudo!

Escena de gairebé final del film, on apareixen el protagonista i els altres que l'ajudaràn a escapar de la terminal per tal de cumplir un somni. Es del 2002, amb el títol de La terminal on fa de productor i director.