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Islam is no more unvaried than Christianity. Just as there are denominations in Christianity, Islam has its variations. Condemnations of all members of any given religion must paint with a pretty broad brush to encompass all the permutations. And I say this as an atheist. << AMEN

Be yourself, you can never be anyone better <3 Btw, I'm talking to YOU, yeah YOU, the one reading this right now. You're beautiful and absolutely amazing, believe in yourself <3 More

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Stardust (2007)

Stardust. A young man has to find a fallen star in a magical land that borders his town. Stars Claire Danes and narrated by Ian McKellan. I just saw this last year, may be more easily understood by older kids, 7-10. But I'm sure younger chillins would enjoy the beauty and adventure.

whispers in the dark. don't let him hear, don't let him hear. just smoke, and keep smoking -- that's what mother does. just don't let him see.

What I believe: sums it up for me very nicely. I'm grateful to live in England, where compassion, empathy and, above all, morality trumps religion.

charliebowater: “MY BABIES ARE DONE. *dies* Rhys & Feyre, looking all High Lord & Ladylike. This was soooo much fun to work on and I’ve already ranted and raved about how much I love these two… and everyone else in ACOMAF… and Sarah… and Prints are...

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