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wild and crazy adventuring friends that go running off random places - fields, cities, neighborhoods, diving in rivers, sitting on roadsides, parking lots, going wherever we want!!

My older sister and I ran. The monsters were chasing us. "Come on, Becca!" She called to me as her black dress flew behind her. I could feel the monsters' claws on my back. (Open RP, 2-3 people. No fandoms, and only one power, controlling the elements counts as four powers)

Because whenever you’re together, you always get into some sort of trouble. | 37 Impossibly Fun Best Friend Photography Ideas. We couldn't behave ourselves when we were together in our early and we STILL can't in our mid but we have a LOT of fun!

I want to experience everything but I want to remain as virtuous as matter, which is unaware of its own manifestations. I want to stand at my own side when I scream or sink to the ground in convulsions. --Hans Henny Jahnn ...