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Otaku Problem: You're in love with a fictional anime character. Would have to be Atem (the spirit inside the puzzle of Yu-Gi-Oh)

Konata lucky star OMG this happened to me and first I was like 0[]0 then...............AHHHHHHHH OMG I NEED MY ANIME WHERE IS MY ANIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are two demon butlers fighting over my soul, one loves cats the other likes crochet and I was once licked by a slut with a star on his tongue who am I?

Woah, this is cool. ...who is this I mean, it looks kinda like Tomoe from Kamisama Kiss, but the ears are too small... Uhhh, Inuyasha? No... Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho? No, it's someone else... But who? hmmm...