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Yoga for beginners - hold each pose for about 20-30 seconds

fitnessloveaffair: Try these yoga poses before bed to help you sleep. Hold for 15-30 seconds.


9 Yoga Poses To Stay Fit

Hold each pose for 30 seconds. You'll feel great when its all done!...yeah ummm maybe I need to start stretching more

from Yoga Journal

Forearm Balance Preparation

That is a beautiful pose.


A Beginner's Guide to Side Crow Pose

A Beginner's Guide to Side Crow Pose #yoga #yogaposes



healthnutinspiration: Yoga stretches & poses. I WANA BE ABLE TO DO THIS. Do the first pose for a while, then level it up to the second, then third, then last!!


Surya Namaskaras 101

Yoga Poses for Beginners 1: Mountain Pose It is the basic standing asana in most forms of yoga with feet together and hands at the sides of the body.

from yoga time

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Yoga Articles Daily #yoga #poses #namaste

Fitness with Jamie: 30 Day Yoga challenge; started 2/16/14. Instead of 1 pose a day, am repeating previous days' poses and adding new one.