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Работа расчета 173-мм пушки Kanone 18

800 mm super heavy rail gun Dora Adolf Hitler (Center), Albert Speer (left) and other dignitaries arrived at the site at Rugenwalde (now Darłowo, Poland), where they were represented the 800 mm super heavy rail gun Dora (80-cm-Kanone (E) and the prototype of the SAU SD. Kfz. 184 ' Ferdinand '. Rugenwalde, march 19th 1943

The German Black Dragon A 15 cm Kanone 18 firing at allied positions in Tunisia, the problem with the 15 cm K 18 was that the carriage was to complicated to move, and that it was too much gun for too little shell, but it had an excellent range.

Afrique du Nord, Un K.Mrs.Laf (Kanone.Mörser.Lafette) de 173mm fait feu

A German Krupp K5 283mm railway gun firing. It was one of the most commonly used railway guns during World War 2 by Germany.

This is the German 17 cm Kanone 18 long range artillery and howitzer. Probably the finest long range artillery piece of the war, it could hurl a 500 pound projectile 10 miles. Over a 1000 were made in this and the howitzer configuration. The drawback was that it was slow to bring into action, expensive to make and the ammunition was sometimes difficult to get.

15cm Feldhaubitze & 17cm Kanone

88mm Flak coastal defense near Trondheim, Norway 1943/1944.

German 170 mm Heavy Artillery Battery