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Guys in Bands: One Direction and R5 Awkward Youtubers: too many to list off.

[ Restarting him. ] Yo! I'm Johnnie, Kyle's best friend? In another life we're married. Anyways, I'm 18 and single. I'm addicted to music and self harm.

My Digital Escape :) (@_Kohnnie4life_) | Twitter

This isn't completely true. Your all on about 'the youtubers' as in zoella, pointlessblog, Tyler Oakley and all those other people who only care about money. There are loads of amazing youtubers, you just won't accept them because they wear eyeliner, they are emo, they listen to emo music, they are all 'depressed emo idiots who should cut their wrists and kill them selves.' Johnnie guilbert, Bryan stars, Jordan sweeto, Alex dorame, jeydon wale, Eugenia, Damon fizzy, Shannon, kyle David hall,

My Digital Escape - Jeydon Wale, Jordan Sweeto, Austin Jones, Alex Dorame, Bryan Stars, Johnnie Guilbert and Kyle David Hall

Johnnie Guilbert!!!!!!!!! Gaaaaaaaahhhhhh yiss he mine bitches <3 New Pinner: What does Gaaaaaaaahhhh yiss mean

My Digital Escape Alex Dorame, Johnnie Guilbert, Shannon Taylor, Jordan Sweeto, Jeydon Wale, Bryan Stars, Kyle David Hall.

Johnnie Guilbert and Kyle David Hall #Kohnnie