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La dea Vesta e le sue Vestali

La dea Vesta e le sue Vestali - Studia Rapido

'Almost Intact' Ancient Roman Ship Found

A shipment of fish, wine, oil, and grain bound for Spain has been discovered years after it set off from ancient Rome. Divers have found an almost intact Roman-era commercial vessel buried in mud.

The tablet after it was unrolled.

Ancient Roman Tablet Holds 'Black Magic' Curses

Roman curse tablet dating to or century found in what probably was a temple. Cursed: The lead scroll discovered in East Farleigh, Kent, which contains the names of 14 individuals to whom its author wished to bring bad luck

Fascio littorio

Fascio littorio

MAUSOLEI VATICANI |  romanoimpero.com

MAUSOLEI VATICANI | romanoimpero.com

The Trés riches ofJean Duc de Berry by the Limbourg Brothers. A Book of Hours was a popular type of prayer book in the later Middle Ages. Mirroring the devotions that monks would celebrate at different hours of the day, Books of Hours were made for members of the laity in their private devotions. These books which were richly decorated and were symbols of piety and status for patrons of the period. made for Mary of Burgundy. The illustration shows Mary at her prayers with her Book of Hours.

Mary at Her Devotions, Hours of Mary of Burgundy - Artist unknown "The Mary of Burgundy Painter" Medieval

The accused assassin of President John F. Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald, center in handcuffs, is escorted to the Dallas city jail as nightclub owner Jack Ruby, foreground, approaches Oswald with a pointed revolver in the underground garage of the Dallas police headquarters, Texas, Nov. 24, 1963. Seconds later Ruby shot Oswald in the stomach.

'So consequential an act': 50 years later, JFK conspiracy theories endure

The moment Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald, Dallas (November Oswald walks calmly into his demise. He never saw the gunman—neither did anyone else, apparently.

Termopolio a Pompei

Alimentazione dei Romani: cosa, quando e dove mangiavano - Studia Rapido

Ancient Germanic Family, 300 AD.

Heathen Woman: Reconstructing Heathen Rites

Franks- a Germanic tribe that conquered present day France and neighboring lands in the

The cast of a dog who died at Pompeii.

Most Faithful Dogs And Dog Breeds

Cast of a dog that archaeologists believe was chained outside the House of Vesonius Primus, a Pompeiian fuller

1.-Puente de Alcántara (Cáceres): Construido por los romanos entre los años 104 y 106 d.C., este robusto puente lleva más de 1.900 años permitiendo cruzar el río Tajo a su paso por la localidad cacereña de Alcántara. Consta de 6 arcos. Los más altos de sus pilares llegan a los 47 metros de altura. En el figura una inscripción que dice: “Es...

Page Exquisite Italian Architecture European Classic Architecture and Landscapes

Romans destroying a village.  SOUMISSION GAULE BELGIQUE 57 av JC, 1° Campagne contre les Belges, 32: César, qui doit continuer ses fonctions d'administrateur d'Illyrie et de Gaule cisalpine, remet à plus tard les rencontres, et retourne en Italie. Il met les légions en quartier d'hiver chez les CARNUTES et les TURONES, tribus voisines des dernières guerres. Ayant besoin que ses exploits soient connus et reconnus à Rome, souhaitant aussi montrer le chemin qu'il reste à faire et son propre ...

Brave Roman legionaries are liberating a Germanic village from terrorists. Germanic insurgents are depicted resisting arrest (punishable by death), resi.

tableau genealogique de Jules Cesar

tableau genealogique de Jules Cesar