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“Do you want to hear my, ‘touring’s really tough’ voice?” asks Breton frontman Roman Rappak. The British frontman stifles his laughter long enough to adopt a melodramatic rasp. “Yeah, it’s alright,” he says, sound weary. “I have a show in Italy. Should be cool. It’s a long way. I’ve got a day off in two weeks. Looking forward to that.” He pauses, breaking character. “Pretty good huh?”

It’s an unseasonably bright and cheery winter day—even by Los Angeles standards. But Kodaline frontman Stephen Garrigan is contemplating death. Or, to be precise, what he’d do with his final day of life.

Kimbra Uses Every Color in the Box to Make Golden Echo

Bloc Party frontman and solo artist Kele Okereke does not have Shazam installed on his phone. Although the choice is due to technical limitations rather than philosophy, the musician admits he enjoys attempting to capture the essence of a song on first listen well enough to look it up later—even if the process leaves his life littered with inscrutably scrawled lyrics.

It’s the final day of SXSW, and CHVRCHES frontwoman Lauren Mayberry has come through the festival chaos with her sense of humor intact. Being a relative newcomer (her bandmates Iain Cook and Martin Doherty were previously in the bands Aereogramme and The Twilight Sad, respectively), the Scottish singer jokingly calls herself a “scumbag non-musician,” even though her training in percussion would imply otherwise. She compares the constant stream of interviews to being in school—and exhibits…

With its crashing guitars and caffeinated refrains, The Colourist (yes, thats a British u, and no, they arent actually British), is pop joie de vivre personified. The Orange County quartet (Adam Castilla, Maya Tuttle, Justin Wagner, and Kollin Johannsen) is on a mission to obliterate the idea of guilty pleasures. No prisoners will be taken.