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“Do you want to hear my, ‘touring’s really tough’ voice?” asks Breton frontman Roman Rappak. The British frontman stifles his laughter long enough to adopt a melodramatic rasp. “Yeah, it’s alright,” he says, sound weary. “I have a show in Italy. Should be cool. It’s a long way. I’ve got a day off in two weeks. Looking forward to that.” He pauses, breaking character. “Pretty good huh?”

White Sea’s Morgan Kibby Finds Her Voice

It’s an unseasonably bright and cheery winter day—even by Los Angeles standards. But Kodaline frontman Stephen Garrigan is contemplating death. Or, to be precise, what he’d do with his final day of life.

Empress Of’s Lorely Rodriguez on Her Gutsy Debut ‘Me’

Living in Sweden for the past year has changed Kate Boy's Kate Akhurst. Like all changes, the shift happened gradually—so slowly that the Australian singer/songwriter has a hard time putting her finger on exactly what’s different about her.

Blue Hawaii, an electronic duo comprised of Alex “Agor” Cowan and Raphaelle Standell-Preston of Braids made an unusual decision when working on their second album. Driven both by practicality (Cowan was in Berlin for part of the process) and a desire to stretch the boundaries of communication, the romantic and musical partners wrote and recorded the entirety of Untogether in separate rooms.

IT MIGHT BE HARD TO BELIEVE, but Pharrell Williams is 41 years old. In both quantity and quality, the musician’s CV reads like someone’s twi...

It's Belle and Sebastian frontman Stuart Murdoch's first visit to Montréal in seven years, and he has one of its more famous residents on his mind. The Scottish singer/songwriter admits at a press conference that he spent the earlier portion of the day walking around an upscale housing area and thinking about his musical hero, Leonard Cohen.

Kimbra Uses Every Color in the Box to Make Golden Echo

Mercury Prize-nominated singer Jessie Ware possesses a malleable voice, able to belt out a ballad with a diva-like force or slink through the skittering R beats of a SBTRKT song. Her debut album Devotion (out now in the U.S. via Cherrytree) is a polished homage to the big-voiced R singers of Ware's youth, infused with late-night electronic grooves and an undeniable swagger. The elegant playground gives Ware the opportunity slip into a variety of personae, from the heartbroken siren of "Takin