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Love <3 - Black and white hearts.

"…Find…someone who will tremble for your touch…Someone whose fingers are a…

"Never stop dreaming." Keep the passion alive in your hearts!

dont ever stop dreaming. Dream of big things. Dream of impossible becoming possibles. Never fear the future. Never fear the dreams you dreams. Because dreams come true!

And also I miss my friend if she's still talking to me so I would like to ...do something eventually.  And it's awkward running into people all the time. And apart from cracking a couple of times I've enjoyed someone else's...contributions lol

Each new day may uncover something wonderful or something difficult. The blessing of having friends is the assurance that we can rely on them no matter what the day brings.life is way better with friends in fact I can't even imagine life without friends

Mooie woorden

The one who falls and rises is much stronger than the one who never falls teksten

"Herinner je gisteren, droom van morgen, leef vandaag."

"Herinner je gisteren, droom van morgen, leef vandaag."

Soms komen herinneringen stiekem uit mijn ogen ...

Sometimes there are memories that come out of my eyes rolling down my face.

yes unplug that computer and talk to me I'm missing you lol xx

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