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French Bulldog ❤️

French Bulldog ❤️

The okapi is also a kosher animal because it chews it's cud and has cloven hooves. It also looks like a zebra, horse and giraffe had a love child.

It's a baby Okapi ! An okapi is a short-necked relative of the giraffe whose hind legs look very similar to that of a zebra's. The stripes are a very dominant feature and no two have the same stripe pattern, so the little ones can distinguish the mom from

French bulldog: what'ya want?

French Bulldog - He looks like he's saying, "Oh yeah? So's your old man." (Except in French.

Stanley, the French Bulldog Puppy❤

Womble viewing French bulldog puppies On July I went up to West London to see a litter of French Bulldogs. And selected an adorable little female called Lulu.

"Mommmmmm, I found your Keys again", French Bulldog Puppy.

" now I can go home instead of taking a walk yassssss" ( u will get this if u have a frenchie like me they hate walks)

French #bulldog Puppy

French #bulldog Puppy