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Use this easy program to create online jeopardy templates. No more PowerPoint!

Treasure Hunt! "Can you read a map and follow directions? Well if you can chances are you can help us find the buried treasure. You'll need to know right from left, east from west, clockwise from anti-clockwise and over from under. Got all that? See you at Buccaneer's Refuge 'me hearties, arrgh'. Remember X marks the spot!"

ABC Splash is an online resource that provides over 3000 videos, games and resources that align with the Australian Curriculum. Topics are accessible on iPads and engage children in interactive and multimodal texts.

Easy-to-follow curriculum matrix for each grade level; a step-by-step guide for your energy unit!

Search for curriculum by topic and grade level-- everything from sources of energy and electricity to conservation and transportation.

"Teach children how nature is a fantastic factory that makes life possible."

We help teachers teach young people about nature with free resources such as lesson plans, videos, Virtual Field Trips, and interactive garden tools.

Apps that Collect Data to Document Student Growth

Many app developers are realizing the importance and are incorporating viable ways to collect data and chart individual student’s progress into their learning systems.

virtual field trips ALL over, zoo, natural history museums, memorials, national parks, farms, chocolate factory, pyramids, planets, Titanic etc.

listing of virtual field trips-AWESOME! I wish my teachers did this. Maybe this is a field trip we can afford for our grade level.

Falling Too Far - Chapter 49- "WE HAVE A CODE 12-15-22-5!" #wattpad #teen-fiction

Falling Too Far - Chapter 49- "WE HAVE A CODE 12-15-22-5!"

An introvert, adorable, shy, obsessed with books, cl… Fiction

I would argue your iPhone is much like your TV set, you can use it for good or evil. Sure, Angry Birds will keep your child entertained, one could even stretch it and say “they are learning about geometry.” Still, there are much better educational apps out there for your iPhone or iPad that will actually make learning FUN.

Must-Have Educational Apps

{Top 10 Spelling Apps} Two of our recommended Must-Have Educational Apps are on this awesome Reading Rockets article "Top 10 Spelling Apps.

Lesson Plans: This is a resource full of all kinds of lesson plans for history teachers. The lesson plans are on American History from discovery to present day. Found through Pinterest and re-pined.

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Over 25 Links Uncovering Project Based Learning Resources On The Web

You don't need a class set of tablets to integrate tech into your teaching. Check out this list of free apps to change up your routine next year.

Teach With Your iPhone: Apps to Use in the Classroom

Andrew Miller from the Buck Institute shares some criteria for assessing project-based learning effectively.

Criteria for Effective Assessment in Project-Based Learning