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MADRE MARIA Y SANANDA *Conciencia Lemuriana* Es tiempo más que nunca del pasado 7 de marzo al 21, para abrir esos discos solares, que guardan las memorias del chacra del corazón. Y del 21 de marzo al 21 de mayo, su asentamiento.

Mother Mary and Lemurian Consciousness SANANDA * * It is time more than ever on March 7 to 21, to open these solar discs, which keep the memories of the heart chakra. And from March 21 to May 21, their settlement. | Healing the Soul Emissary of Love and Peace.

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Latin America holds enormous appeal across the generations. While you revel in the exotic destinations you’ve always dreamed of visiting, your kids will benefit from horizon-expanding adventures that are sure to become some of their most treasured memories. More

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