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7 Disney Scenes That TOTALLY Should Have Happened

Mulan for one would have been killed if discovered before she became a war hero. And scar manipulated simba so he believed that the others would blame him

18 Jokes Only Harry Potter Fans Will Understand | E! Online Mobile

18 Jokes Only Harry Potter Fans Will Understand

Funny pictures about A true indestructible horcrux. Oh, and cool pics about A true indestructible horcrux. Also, A true indestructible horcrux.


14 years since the first Harry Potter movie. How are the kids now? Part Harry Potter marathon

Ok, I do think that twilight isn't as good as Harry Potter, but I don't like it anywhere near as much.

FAITH IN HUMANITY RESTORED. Seriously, what kind of bs where those 'reasons'? Look at the beginning of the movie Up. Disney told a better love story in five minutes than Twilight with four books.

I missed it, too.

I hate that Lupin and Tonk's relationship got cut out of the movies! I loved their relationship in the books!

All About Draco Malfoy Mobile:

All About Draco Malfoy Mobile ~ Fun fact: Draco and I are both Gemini's - Jolee

Harry Potter stuff that should have been in the movies

Important things that should not have been left out from the Harry Potter movies. - They also forgot about Peeves the Poltergeist! And the dementors in the seventh movie