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Nash and Hayes

Nash and Hayes

its so true though, there will never be a tour of them all together. where their making vines the whole time, dancing, and having fun. Carter and Taylor both have their own tours, Cam's in a movie, Shawn has a record deal and is touring America. None of them are even on vine anymore, i miss them so much. The magcon now doesn't have any of the original boys. I just miss seeing all the posts with each other of the YouTube videos. I want the old boys back.

I heard that they may be going back on your all together in 2015 but they don't think when mendes can join because he has his own tour

I feel like there's something wrong with me. WHY IS EVERYONE OBSESSING OVER THE MAGCON BOYS AND YOUTUBERS AND I'M NOT? I'm sorry.

They're all making funny faces but I think Matthew Espinosa wins