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BELARUS. 1997. Chidlren's Home #1, Minsk. After feeding, an attendent soothes a boy born without eyes Paul Fusco / Magnum Photos

BELARUS. 1997. Children's Home #1, Minsk. A boy with non-working legs lies on a cot in a hallway. Paul Fusco/Magnum Photos

RUSSIA. CHERNOBYL/BELARUS. 2000. Nurse, Alla Kamarova, at the Childrens Home No. 1. Minsk, Belarus is feeding an infant whose brain is contasined in a membraine growing from the back of his skull. Paul Fusco/Magnum Photos

BELARUS. Minsk. Children's Home #1. A nurse holds a 2 1/2 yr. old boy with a massive growth that contains his kidneys. Paul Fusco/Magnum Photos

BELARUS. Minsk. Children’s Cancer Hospital. Maria is a 9-year-old orphan receiving chemotherapy. ‘At first I cried a lot, but now I think it is a wonderful place.’ All of the nurses in the hospital treat her like family. Paul Fusco / Magnum Photos

BELARUS. Minsk. Thyroid Cancer Center. 2000. Ward room. These women have all been operated on for thyroid cancer. The rate of thyroid cancer has skyrocketed by 1500 percent. Paul Fusco/Magnum Photos

BELARUS. Gden. 1997. In the "Hot Zone," an impoverished mother and her daughter live in the evacuation zone. Paul Fusco/Magnum Photos