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The clouded leopard. This is the smallest of the big cats and can be found in the Himilayan foothills through Southeast Asia and China. Despite its name, its not closely related to the leopard

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Clouded Leopard cub, Khao Kheow Open Zoo, Thailand  (by Ashley Vincent)

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Cautious Advance by Ashley Vincent. Clouded Leopards are a vulnerable species native to the forests and jungles of many Southeast Asian countries, though are rarely ever seen in the wild, as secretive and shy is their nature.


What a beautiful Jaguar. He's a little easier to see than the one in Paca's video!

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Clouded Leopard can climb on horizontal branches with their back to the ground, and in this position make short jumps forward. When balancing on thin branches, they use their long tail to steer. They can easily jump up to ft high.

leopard cub playing with mum's tail

A leopard cup really having fun with her mum’s tail as the mother was sitting on an upper branch (via Grab It - OutdoorPhoto Gallery)