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And his is how we started XC.

Vintage film posters we want on our walls. Wonderful Movie. One of the Classic Musicals.

from e.a. deverell


Creative Writing Worksheets. This woman saved me! these worksheets are so helpful!


A lot of people think scientists will find another planet but it takes a lot of time for scientist to search for things in space and sometimes what they are looking at may not even exist anymore save our planet it's the only one

Baby Lady :) apparently based on the story that Walt Disney himself gave his wife a puppy in a hat box for Christmas.

Leg Day - Darebee Workout. [ Well, it's a start but I wouldn't call it a leg day. Grab a barbell, ladies! ]

Yesss. Give me some more non-offensive comedy about religion instead of all that horrible stuff people do on TV.


BBQ Chilli Prawns. By Hugh Johnson. M&S Food Portraiture Category of the Pink Lady Food Photographer Of The Year 2015 entry.