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Rollin 60's Neighborhood Crip sign.

Balloon Swan by Jeff Koons Balloon Swan is part of an exhibition of Jeff Koons’ artwork form the past 30 years. Part of one of his more ambitious projects, “Celebration”, it is one of the many stainless steel sculptures created by him aided with paintings of each sculpture.

Egyptian goddess Nut...

Sekhmet/Sachmis/Sakhmet/Sekhet/Sakhet - antho lioness - Ancient Egypt Mythology; The Goddess of Warfare.

The Goddess Lilith; c. 2025-1763 BC; Terra-cotta relief; height 19 5/8"; from the Isin-Larsa period; Lilith was the baleful goddess of death (she was also possibly the screech owl from Isaiah 34:14); she holds a looped cord (the symbol of human life or the way in which she takes life); originally, her body was painted red, 1 owl black and the other red, the manes of the lions were black; the scales at the bottom represented the sacred mountain; Ancient Mesopotamian

Black Gloss Joinery...?

5D/6D Deliveries by Erial Ali