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10 Ways to Shorten Software Development Life Cycle Software is an indispensable part of business. New software applications and products are being launched in the market every day to cope up with changing business requirements. Enterprises that use advanced technologies to step up their services for meeting changing customer demands are likely to lead the race. Read #IT #Web #Softwareappdevelopment #Mobile #Saas #cloudcomputingapplication

Best Practices to Improve Manual Testing The traditional method of relying upon the tester or a business user to probe an application in various ways to break down its functionality and report problems continues to be favored. Software testing is an essential pre-requisite before the release of an application for production. Read #ManualTesting #SoftwareTesting #IT #Web #Softwareappdevelopment #Mobile #Saas

6 Best Practices For SaaS – CRM Implementation CRM (Customer Relationship Management) has been helping small and big businesses to market, sell and make deliveries to their customers, directly communicate with the customers, and maintain customer contact service centers targeted to address their concerns and issues.Here the best practices that have to be followed during CRM implementation. Read #Saas #CRM #Web #IT #Software #Mobile

How to Outsource Software App Development As outsourcing is gaining traction around the world, many enterprises are looking at outsourcing their application development. This might be an intelligent move, since it allows businesses to leverage expertise and save costs. Read #IT #Web #Softwareappdevelopment #Mobile #Saas #cloudcomputingapplication

10 Benefits of Cloud Adoption for Your Enterprise Given the growing popularity of cloud computing with small and big enterprises, the advantages of this emerging technology paradigm cannot be underestimated. Cloud applications are fast, easy and accessible from anywhere in today’s digitally connected world. Read #Cloudcomputing #Cloudadoption #Cloudapplication

7 Elements for Developing a Mobile First Strategy We are today in the middle of the biggest technology revolution ever. With processing power, bandwidth, and storage capacity of smartphones and other mobile devices increasing exponentially, personal computers are fast being replaced as the preferred means of connecting with the world. Read #IT #Mobilefirststrategy #Mobile #Saas #Web

11 Mistakes to Avoid in Mobile Apps If you have been thinking of creating a mobile app to bring your business to life, you are on to a great idea. Mobile apps are very popular today and are the precursors for many new and exciting business ideas. That is why Creating mobile app is not something you can take casually.There are many loopholes that have to be avoided while creating a mobile app. Read #MobileApplication #Mobile #IT #Saas #Web

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How I Went From 0 page views to 15,000 a Month in Eight Months

How I Went from Zero to 15,000 Page Views a Month (in 8 months) >> How to increase your pageviews in just a few months!