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Foraging for Elderberries + Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry Syrup

Foraging for Elderberries + Elderberry Syrup - The Kitchen McCabe

Elderberry Syrup Recipe (VIDEO) - Hippocrates Is Said To Have Called It . . .  His “medicine chest,” and for thousands of years it’s been revered in folk medicine for its healing properties. (source) Now studies are starting to confirm what tradition has long held: elderberries are a delicious and effective way to support immune function during cold and flu season.

Elderberry Syrup Recipe [VIDEO]

Elderberry Jelly

Elderberry Jelly (Love and Olive Oil)

Homemade Elderberry Jelly recipe is made with elderflower syrup and a splash of elderflower liqueur. Plus FREE printable labels!

Elderberry elixir... This is so good with rum and honey instead of vodka and sugar. And a proven flu buster!

Elderberry Liqueur

elderberry-liqueur- Elderberry Liqueur Makes about 1 quart. Prep Time: 30 days 1 pint fresh elderberries 1 quart vodka 3 one-inch pieces of lemon rind, white pith removed Sugar

Rosemary Gladstar's Original Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry Syrup: DIY Apothecary 1 cup fresh or cup dried elderberries 3 cups of water 1 cup honey Store in the refrigerator. The syrup will keep for 2 to 3 months.

Lilac syrup. Let's have a tea latte with this! Yes please I'll go get some flowers from my garden right away!

Lilac Syrup

Lilac syrup - Laura & Nora, a photographer and a food stylist

since yesterday summer has finally arrived here in berlin! it´s 22 degrees each day this week and i think  during the weekend it´s supposed to get even warmer. yay! perfect timing that we share this e

lilac syrup (Our Food Stories)

REC - LILAC SYRUP - our food stories: lilac syrup ●●fuzz sez: Use this syrup sparingly.too much and it tasres like soap. Shortbread cookies, flavoring a cup of tea, mixing with an alcoholic drink, add a bit of punch to your punch.

Flavored Coffee Syrup Recipes

These Flavored Coffee Syrup Recipes will make great gifts for coffee lovers. Fun & simple to do!

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