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Do Not Fall in Love With People Like Me - Do Not Fall in Love With People Like Me

This piece I think shows loneliness. The way the young woman has nobody so a wall is hugging her. There is a contrast between the wall and the woman. The wall been black and the woman being white. Which could mean she is being brought Into the dark side.

A Long Fall From Grace #Wattys2016

Smudginess of charcoal near-perfectly captures the fading, washed out mascara. Additionally, the simple addition of lines help give form to the face of a woman using positive/negative space.

Monsters Don't Sleep Under Your Bed They Sleep Inside Your Head ---- hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart humor fails

Depression is a real illness- not a weakness or a character flaw- a person can't just "snap out of it" or "get over it" and they are not just feeling sorry for themselves or seeking attention- Medical treatment is often needed. There is no shame in seeking treatment for a mental illness- end the stigma and save lives.

This is how depression feels like…

This is an intense piece.. hmm makes me think of behind the facade or 'face' lies demons that consume- don't you think?- ML