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The beginning Believe in Yourself. : Photo

Mr Benn was my favourite show and I failed to realise how few episodes there actually were of this genius creation.

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Creatures of the deep: terrifying macro pictures of polychaetes or bristle worms, via

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By Caroline Grant for MailOnline

Alcedo athis: Kingfisher: It snaps up one of the tiny silvery fish near the bottom of the pristine lake. These amazing pictures were taken at a small, pristine river in Land Hessen, central Germany. They show the bird returning to the water several times, until he had his fill. Kingfishers can capture 80 small fish, such as perch or sticklebacks, over the course of a day. From DailyMail UK

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Hawaii!! ~~~

Blue button jellyfish - Porpita porpita


Pictures of the day: 6 September 2011

Nemo flashes a smile. Snapped in the Philippines, this clownfish living amid the stinging tentacles of a huge sea anemone was photographed by Steve De Neef. The fish pictured here is the dominant female, and shares the anemone with her family.

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Deep Blue Sea Water Play Bin

deep blue sea bin - easy to set up; the kids play with this for hours at a time

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