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Giant Pencil Crayon Installations

Reverse City by Cameroon-born artist Pascale Marthine Tayou, located in rural Japan. Fixed to a stainless steel frame, rows of giant colored pencils hover in the air. On each enormous pencil, you'll find the name of one of the world's countries.

Dutch fashion designer Mattijs van Bergen and spatial designer Oeri van Woezik presented their Amsterdam Rainbow Dress in collaboration with COC Amsterdam. The dress, measuring over 50 ft, features the flag of the City of Amsterdam and the flags of 72 countries where ‘homosexuality’ is still punishable by law. The dress emphasizes the importance of openness and inclusivity that Amsterdam offers to LBGBTQI people


Pigmented Topiary Installations

The Color Pencil Tree is One Way to Save Trees Slated for Removal Published: Aug 13, 12 References: daverittinger and neatorama