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Qahatika Indian Girl from the Southwestern Tribe, Taken by Edward Sheriff Curtis in 1907

Today's picture was taken in and it shows a Qahatika Indian Girl. This is another portrait by Edward Curtis. The thing I have noticed.

Pawnee man. photo by A.P. Trott between 1860 - 1867

The Pawnee were originally residents of Nebraska and Kansas. The Pawnee tribe was forced to move to a reservation in Oklahoma during the late and most are still living in Oklahoma today.

by Edward S. Curtis

Hamasilahl – Qagyuhl Ceremonial dancer, full-length portrait, standing, wearing mask and a fur garment during the Winter Dance ceremony. Photo and caption from Edward S. Curtis Collection (Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division).

Edward Curtis photos of Native Americans (35 pics)

"A Native American Child"--Edward Curtis, 1906 She looks afraid and angry. She should have had no reason to be!

Wishham Female Type (The North American Indian, v. VIII. Norwood, MA: The Plimpton Press, 1911)

Wishham Female Type (The North American Indian, v. VIII. Norwood, MA: The Plimpton Press, 1911)

Kwakwakawakwgirl - Kwakwaka'wakw - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia                                                                                                                                                      More

A Kwakwaka'wakw girl wearing abalone earrings and a cedar bark cloak, circa Source: "Totems to Turquoise" by Kari Chalker Author: Edward S.

Navajo man, 1904, Edward S Curtis. Stunning picture

Edward S.Curtis 1904 photo entitled:: A chief of the desert - Navaho. Portrait of a (Navajo) chief. He has whiskers and wears a cloth headband and a woven patterned blanket around his shoulders.

Red Wing-Apasaroke, 1908 by Edward Curtis

Red Wing, a Crow Indian Brave, photo taken in 1908 in Montana by Edward S. The photograph illustrates this Crow Brave with streaks of white paint on his cheeks and hair, and a beaded buckskin shirt trimmed with ermine tails or white rabbit fur.