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The bedding we chose for this room echoes the idea of the hand painted stencil on the wall. The birch tree stencil over the bed is to promote relaxation with the idea of infusing nature into the design.

The Stencil was hand painted by Greder Designs in a dark java color. The sconces on wither side of the bed over the nightstands, give a good amount of light to the room and also leave space on the nightstands for books etc.

We loved the way the color of the vanity looked against the floor. Not only does it ground the space, it also provides much needed contrast for the light colors in the room.

I just love this dresser, it's so simple but still traditional and adds all that much more to the enlgish bed and breakfast feel of this room, and all that space too! The mirror we used in the corner is a mirror the client has had for years and years and was happy to use in this room to pick up on the warm tones in the floor.

This client was looking for something young and fresh that was still a good use of space for someone who was still college aged. We cleaned up the amount of furniture n the room, installed hardwood floors, and added some much needed lighting. To add a pop to the room we created a feature wall to add some texture and sophisticated interest.

The day bed becomes a very comfortable, simple, clean lined seating area with custom made throw pillows to pick up on the textures in the rest of the room.

We took some time to add a few simple accents to the space, like the small table and accented it with things that were already in the client's home. Proving we don't have to spend a fortune to get something absolutely beautiful!

Before this room was almost completely beige. Now it is a warm, cozy escape into sleep. The color-blocked bedspread translates into the color of the wall, the furniture, and the dark bamboo flooring. Accents of white help to keep the room clean looking and bright!

Though we couldn't make the vanity any bigger, we added some more functional space by adding drawers. the top part flips down for added storage as well.

We had the shower head mounted higher than it had been previously. We also took the tiles all the way to the ceiling. We wanted to accentuate the height of the ceiling and make the space feel bigger.