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Buddha wisdom: I am not what You think I am. You are what You think I am. (i really need to sit with this, i'm very judgmental)


I always notice this, all the people walking around with their heads down. Look up people! Enjoy and feel the rain its almost therapeutic

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When you move your focus from competition to contribution ~ life becomes a celebration ~ Never try to defeat people ~ just win their Hearts ༺♡༻ Buddha .

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He made me sorry for loving too much, they made me sorry for loving unconditionally. I'll never say sorry for loving again.

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- Jane Lee Logan You must genuinely love yourself to fully attract and recognize those who love you and to repel those who are indifferent. Your love of self is responsible for the standards you set which are reflective of your self-worth.

In order to love who you are you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you -quote by Andrea Dykstra

Master anything...

Chess tips. Josh Waitzkin is eight-time national chess champion, world t'ai chi chuan competitor and executive coach to the world's top financial leaders. These are nine tips he offers for how to master anything, at any age.