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Come as you are by Nirvana

what's funny is that kurt cobain wrote most of his lyrics on the way to the recording studio. he and his bandmates believed that the music was more important than the lyrics.

Lyrics from "Come As You Are" by Nirvana, inspired parts of JUST WATCH THE FIREWORKS

Nirvana's Nevermind: 20 years on – in pictures

nirvana because i remember being completely mesmerized when they played smells like teen spirit on SNL and the come as you are sea horse shirt was the first band shirt i ever owned

Ravers- associated with raves, and the drug ecstacy. T-shirts with smiley faces, tie-dyed, psychedelic prints, hippie-like elements, or functional clothes

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Casablanca.... for anyone who still hasn't seen it, what are you waiting for.. intrigue, love, greed, treachery, betrayal, honour.....

Nirvana 'Come As You Are' seminal #video from 1992 - when #Grunge became a household term. Band and abstract somewhat loaded imagery.

Phil Collins, peanut butter and jaaaaaaaam! Playing Latin percussion timbales. I had a set once, loved them, but they are so loud.

NCIS - I love this!!!! Hahahaha I love her little look of pride at it and the boys are like all wait what I was sure he was going to choose me!!!

Christina Perri, "Jar of Hearts" #music #lyrics #quotes