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"Bald-faced liar" isn't a group of words you hear often these days, but it's just one of the many memorable turns of phrase that appeared in Stranger Things. The Netflix series arrived in July and swept many of us into the Upside Down. If there were a fan club, I think about everyone at Nerdist would be a card-carrying member (and you know that membership card would look retro and cool as hell). The setting, the mythology, the weirdness, the characters, the dialogue—so many factors made the…

I was looking at this and I was thinking "this is really cool!" And then I got to Joffery's. LOL! I wish they had one for the Red Viper tho!

13 Secrets Nobody Tells You About Dyeing Your Hair A Crazy Color

I think I just found the greatest MCR gif>>>And then there's Mikey just pouring his detergent, too cool for this shit>>then frank is in the background going like fuck what ever this is and throwing it into the basket thingy

I would never keep a straight face// if it meant I could be in the movie I would learn to keep a straight face.