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Crochet scarf. Made this for my nephew's birthday. Ended up way too long so I turned the ends up to create pockets/ gloves. Luckily he loves it!

Top Ten - Best Things to Eat in Italy

From artisan gelato to fresh, home-made pasta, Italian cuisine is renowned the world over, but beyond the pizza, pasta and ice cream, there’s a never-ending gastronomic journey to discover including superb cheeses, succulent roasts and legendary desserts. I’ve been visiting Italy for many years now and whenever I go and in whichever part of the country I am in, I know I am going to eat well. In no particular order, here’s my top 10 of things to eat in Italy and where to eat them..

I get a lot of questions about how I take my lecture notes, and so I thought a quick post might be helpful! I’ve said many a time that I don’t do anything too complex with my notes, nor do a re-write them - but this system really works well for...

Marinated Kale Salad - find the recipe on Deliciously Ella . She says ..." This kale salad is one of my all time favourite things, I eat it with almost everything! I know lots of people think the whole massaging kale thing is a little strange though so I’ve made a video for you all to show you what I mean "

She's right on point. People really never forget how you make them feel. That's the real reason people do business together or have personal relationships. Not because you're pretty or smart or more talented than any other. It's whether you're a headache for them or you make them feel something good or make their lives better/easier in some way.

I definitely found her yet I still may not get to have her, even though I am the one who has seen her from the start, I have always known who she is. I see her good, and I see her bad and I except both because I am both.

Bipper for President - cherryviolets: 4 years. 4 incredible years with

Oh my god my heart literally just dropped as soon as I saw this and I just kinda continuously whispered, "ow it hurts, ow it hurts" to myself for a while there...

5 Tactics to Master Killer Short Story Endings

I’ve always thought the ‘short story’ was one of those irritating elephants in the room. My particular brand of short story elephant, is made of shiny gold, and spends 100% of his…

This sort of texture tool is one I’ve made from polymer clay before – stick a button or other texture-y item to the end of a log of clay, bake, and voila texture stick. It’s a lit…