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NEW & Exciting Craft Book - Happy Handmade

Toilet Roll Unicorns - add wings to make Pegasus!! such an engaging TP Roll craft for girls, sure to ignite hours of fantasy pretend play :) #happyhandmade @thecrafttrain

The subject of a unicorn and a girl has been used in various fantasy, historical and religious images. The unicorn is a magical creature and a symbol of purity and grace. According to legend unicorns are wild and shy animals and can only be tamed by a virgin maiden.

When I was a young girl my room was filled with Unicorns. I grew up and lost my magic for awhile... Its nice to be back to the innocence that was once mine. Magic!

Why Good Girls Have Become Unicorns: A Response From A Unicorn

Mysterium Greetings Card ranges including Pagan, Fantasy Humorous, Mythological, Mystical, Yule Cards, Briar Cards. The best of British artists include Briar, Anne Stokes, Peter Pracownik, Pete Loveday, Nic Shaw, Giles Powell Smith and Shaman Digby Curtis