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Vikings Norse Mythology,Pagan Path

Vikings marriage day was set on a Friday for "Frigg," goddess of marriage. It would take place outside and in the fall for easy travel before winter and to ensure plenty of honey for mead.

Haithabu/Hedeby Viking reenactor in a headscarf/veil. Note that it is secured with pins.

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Bronze Aegishjálmur Icelandic Stave Futhark Helm of Awe Vikings Amulet Nordic Talisman Leather Pendant Necklace

Our design of the Viking Compass is offered etched in red brass on a sliding, adjustable leather cord with a solid brass accent bead. Each piece has a green patina applied to it to give it a beautifully worn and weathered look. I've sanded it a little to bring out the brighter highlights of the etching. A coating has been applied to help protect the patina. This Viking Compass, or Vegvísir is an Icelandic word that literally translates to "direction sign" or "see the way". This is said to help prevent one from getting lost and to find their way home. In modern culture the Vegvísir is often referred to as the Runic (or Viking) Compass. This symbol originates from an Icelandic book of magic circa 1600. Vegvísir was once drawn on a person's forehead with blood to prevent them from getting lost. We've made it a little easier and transformed it into pendant that you can wear proudly around your neck. : ) Pendant Size: 1" circle Leather Cord: 1.5mm Adjustable from 12" to 25" You will be getting a necklace like the one shown, but since each piece is handmade, there may be slight variations with each necklace. Here are links to other options for the Viking Compass: Etching on the reverse is an additional $5. Please go to this link to add the etching to your shopping cart:


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.... Unless he is a christian, then he will meet the goddess of the underworld, Hel! Lol!

Bracelet with wolves heads (silver) viking. Bracelet from Gotland. Viking Brooch with animal headed. Viking bracelet