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The two doctors: Horrible and Who

That Awkward Moment When His name Isn't Harry Potter

The other awkward moment when he dies and ends up in a train station for the second time.

Guards! Guards! quote

( but oh, this is so appropriate )

I love this man! Plays serious villain, convinces us he's a wizard, in reality? Total goober and THAT is fantastic!


Funny pictures about Gandalf Style. Oh, and cool pics about Gandalf Style. Also, Gandalf Style photos.

Doctor Who Official on Tumblr

Bad Wolf on paper with Matt Smith.(Karen Gillan in background with Arthur Darvill)

Los hechizos de Harry Potter!!!... - Taringa!

>Every Harry Potter spell - Sunshine Daisy Bottom Mellow Turn this Stupid Fat Rat Yellow hp spell list

Stuffing, Geek, Geeks, Cow, Nerd

The sad thing is, I think I might have actually said this to my friends.

Captain Malcolm Reynolds, Firefly: Love me some Fillion!

Two very special short people.  The bring lots of joy in our lives!

Two very special short people. The bring lots of joy in our lives!

Parenting; you're doing it right.

Kids cosplaying as Kaylee and Mal from Firefly! These parents are awesome, awesome kids too for running with this. I will do this to my children!

Can't win

Gregory House, Sherlock Holmes, Chef Gordon Ramsey, and Dr.

I know I've pinned this before. And i still can't decide who I like better. I say the order it is already except put Jack Sparrow where Kirk is and then bump Captain america up one. eh well.... ITS SO HARD TO DECIDE

cap-tain (n.) see also: Certified badass.

Drácula 2000

“Dracula as portrayed by Gerard Butler 2000 - hottest vampire evah!

So cute. I especially like the crack in time for some reason.

Doctor who shirts! I want the wall crack shirt