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Everybody loves Hypnotoad...  including me! So freaking clever!

All Glory to the Hypnotoad, or How I Made a Hypnotoad Costume

40 Mind-Blowing 'Pokemon' Secrets & Facts

The Most EPIC Kitiara (Dragonlance) Cosplay of All Time [Pics]

Beast.  From my comic-con pictures.

From my comic-con pictures.

OMG. @Jade Stephenson

OMG. @Jade Stephenson

Ramona Flowers Cosplay

Ramona Flowers Cosplay

Funny pictures about Ramona Flowers Cosplay. Oh, and cool pics about Ramona Flowers Cosplay. Also, Ramona Flowers Cosplay photos.

most EPIC Halloween costume EVER OH THE FEELS! My childhood right there!

You win life. It's Blanky! From The Brave Little Toaster! (Also, I got all excited and showed this to Hubs. who looked at me like I was crazy, said "What's The Brave Little Toaster?" and broke my heart.