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Submission: "I, my dear, am the fire and the ice. I will burn myself so deeply into your soul that you will be able to think of no other. And then, when I have accomplished that, I will freeze your.

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This is quite interesting, but he kind of adopted the last name Howlett for himslef and I don't really see him changing it.

Bland Marvel Headcanon Thor spent the first six months in Avengers Tower having to have Midgardian references explained to him

Wenn das alles nur immer so einfach wär. Es ist ziemlich einfach mit Gottes…

DER Weg zum MenschSEIN – Sieben elementare Regeln des Lebens – Die 7 universellen Gesetze des Lebens

Oh, wow...it's true...

hahahahahaha Have you ever noticed that one side of Tom Hiddleston's face always looks really intense and strong and the other side looks really innocent and sorrowful? (I'm gonna kill your family. with ice-cream and flowers.

I really love this, but Sherlock is a highly functioning sociopath<<< it's not Sherlock it's Khan (I think that's how it's spelled) from Star Trek Sherlock has longish hair and in this picture it's short so it's not Sherlock it's Khan

Sherlock is not a psychopath. He's a high functioning sociopath. <<<<<<<<<< Except that is not Sherlock, that, in fact, is Khan. He is not a high-functioning sociopath, but a pschopath of sorts.


Signed Avengers Poster (Certificate of Authenticity Included)

Old Hollywood Avengers: A little black tie, a little witty repartee.and a lot of explosions. <<< The villain, the prince, & the hero are really hot from those angles. Especially the hero