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(gentle Balor from BLIND FORTUNE) “'Balor has something in common with you, my lady. He was born with a cast in one eye.' 'Indeed?' Fortuna invested a wealth of disdain in that one word. Charles seemed not to notice. 'A friend in Northumberland breeds wolfhounds. I was visiting when Balor’s dam whelped. Instead of putting the pup down, I talked George into giving it to me.' 'Such an odd name for a dog,' Fortuna observed. 'Balor is the one-eyed Celtic god of death.'”

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Schmucker Thanksgiving Postcard Winsch Pilgrim LADY & Turkey on Wishbone-a667

Schmucker Thanksgiving Postcard Winsch Pilgrim LADY & Turkey on Wishbone-a667 #Thanksgiving


The Witch of Tremont Row, 1900

from The Sexy Witch blog: "The wishbone is symbolic of good luck and has been popular since the Victorian period. Wishbone brooches were popular as memento or Mizpah jewellery. As this site says, “Since [the Victorian/Edwardian period] was an era of great exploration and travel over vast distances, many pieces of Mizpah jewellery was made”: so we find examples with national symbols attached, as above left (clover-leaf for Ireland, map of Australia and Koala for Australia, thistle for…

Life is a journey embellished with chance encounters and charming coincidences. Louis Vuitton offers to send along a lucky talisman, a little secret something that will charm a smile from Lady Luck. Take your chance with Lady Luck and create your own Louis Vuitton wishlist for the holidays at

Lot 6 Vintage Valentine Postcards Beautiful Ladies Gents Cupid Hearts | eBay

New Old Store Stock 12K Gold Filled Signed C T Wishbone Vintage GF Brooch Pin | eBay

Blush Tea Gown by Liberty & Co., 1885 (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)