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So if you make other people feel like crap, maybe you should evaluate yourself a little bit.

It's when I've ignored my gut, that things have gone wrong... Yes, trust your gut. Or, as they say in the Mormon world, trust "the Spirit".

recently made all (well, ok, almost all) of my videos … on YouTube ‘public’… where everyone can see them (Gasp!). …because … Asking YOU if you are becoming the best version of you, led me to ask myself the same thing… You see, I used to leave my videos on ‘private’ setting… and put them only in blog posts and emails to my list. Why? Hmmm, What’s you best guess…? READ THE FULL ARTICLE - Click the link!

Isn't that the truth!!! Linken Park has helped me though many issues!!!

Remember kindness!

They remind me I'm to busy trying to save others