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This website allows students do go on a journey through space via the internet. It says that it is a fifth grade assignment, however I think that it could be used in any grade level.

26 Pictures Will Make You Re-Evaluate Your Entire Existence. The universe, man… THE UNIVERSE. | buzzfeed

26 Pictures That Will Make You Re-Evaluate Your Entire Existence

Sizes  The sizes are from each furthest point to point.  Small: 35cm (H) x 35cm (W)  Medium: 50cm (H) x 50cm (W)  Large 70cm (H) x 70cm (W)  Key

Moon Wall Art Decals Moon Science Astronomy Space Universe World Wall Sticker Kids Bedroom Decal Mural Wall Art Stickers WSD53

Wall Decals Moon Astronomy Space Universe World Wall sticker Kids Bedroom Decal Mural Wall Art Stickers

Free Solar System Printable

Free Solar System Printables


What if the kids re-created a flag from around the world, in honor of the Olympics?

Spacecraft Orbits Protoplanet in Asteroid Belt, a First  For more information about our #Solar #System, check us out: http://astronomyisawesome.com/solar-systems/what-solar-system-are-we-in/

Spacecraft Orbits Protoplanet in Asteroid Belt, a First [INFOGRAPHIC]

Back in July of the space probe Dawn arrived at the asteroid Vesta. Now, it heads toward the dwarf planet Ceres to enter its orbit on March

A little perspective! The planets to scale.

♥ A graphic showing all 8 planets in our solar system, Mercury through to Neptune, to scale where one pixel = km. Scales were worked out with this very useful solar system scale calculator. Find out more about the planets on the Planet Facts page.


Kids Solar System Planets Wall Mural

An illustration of how mass in the Universe distorts space-time (NASA)

Why is this famous physicist tweeting rumors about gravitational waves?

Gravity bends more than just space. It bends time. A massive object such as the Earth does indeed distort the fabric of space and time. This explains why GPS satellites must correct for time distortion: it passes more quickly in orbit than on the Earth.

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JULY 2016 NASA Sails Full-Speed Ahead in Solar System Exploration/(This is an artist's conception of a solar-system montage of the eight planets, a comet and an asteroid).